Irish HL Paper 1 & Paper 2

Edco Revision Courses have now finished for the 2016-2017 school year. Please check back in September 2017 for new information.


Edco will host an Intensive course in Leaving Cert higher level Irish to support students in their final preparation for the Leaving Certificate examination.

The aim of the revision course is to build on the teachers work in the classroom and to motivate students to work to achieve their potential. During the day students will be taught the basic components of essay writing and they will be provided with extensive notes to assist them in their further study.

Students will be taught basic analytical skills to support their study of the poetry and prose course. During the revision day, the written course will be discussed and comprehensive notes will be provided.

Edco believes that the work of the teacher in the classroom is of paramount importance and the revision day aims to build on the skills that are taught by the class teacher. The purpose of the Edco Revision series of talks is to break down the Leaving Cert Irish examination into sections and to show the students how to focus on each section in order to maximise their marks. It will take a step by step approach to the Leaving Cert Examination. During the day students will be encouraged to ask questions relating to the course and examination.

The lecture will focus on specific essay topics for 2017. Below are some of the essay topics that will be covered.

  1. TG4 –  twenty years on the air
  2. The refugee crisis / terrorism
  3. Ireland 1916 – 2017
  4. Sport and issues relating to sport / The Olympic Games
  5. Politics   / leadership / inspirational leaders
  6. The elderly / the housing crisis / the drug problem
  7. The Health Service
  8. The Education System
  9. Technology
  10. The environment

* Students will be given a full set of notes covering all aspects of the written examination; these notes are exclusive to this course and will prove to be invaluable for the final exam.