The Edco Irish Revision Courses began last year and were a huge success. Below is some feedback provided by students who attended the Higher Level Irish course with Yvonne O’Toole in January 2016.


‘I liked how we covered things in depth, it was very interesting and helpful, a very good course giving a lot of information in a short period of time’

‘The course was very clear and concise, the notes are excellent and Yvonne was brilliant, she was very clear, confident and easy to understand’


‘I loved the way everything was explained clearly and easily understood. Almost 2 years of work was covered and the notes given were fantastic’

‘I found the course a great help, Yvonne really knows what she’s doing – great value for money!’


‘I found the essays were broken down so well and the vocabulary for léamhthuiscint and cluastuiscint was invaluable’

‘Yvonne was very helpful, she made everything so much clearer, especially the essays, she is an exceptional teacher and is a credit to the course’


‘The course made me feel confident about answering exam questions and the notes are excellent’

‘I got a really great in-depth insight into the most important aspects of the papers’